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Upcoming events

11 Feb 2020 11:30 AM • Rock Bottom Brewery - La Jolla (8980 Villa La Jolla Dr. La Jolla, CA 92037)

Upcoming events

    • 11 Feb 2020
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Rock Bottom Brewery - La Jolla (8980 Villa La Jolla Dr. La Jolla, CA 92037)
    • 50

    Annual Legislative Update


    Steve Marsh

    Dentons US LLP

    Suzanne Varco

    Varco & Rosenbaum

    Environmental Law Group LLP


    Our speakers will provide an overview of significant legislation and lawsuits in 2019. 

    This is one of our most popular annual luncheons, register early to reserve your spot as space is limited.

    Speaker Information:

    Stephen MarshSenior Counsel in the Environment and Natural Resources Group at Dentons US LLC, specializes in hazardous waste and toxic tort litigation, including underground storage tanks, CERCLA, RCRA and cost recovery matters; Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act; Proposition 65; consumer product safety laws; insurance coverage counseling and litigation related to environmental claims; coordination of site assessments and remediation with consultants and regulatory agencies; stormwater compliance; Brownfields redevelopment; climate change issues; and advising businesses and property owners on these and related issues in connection with corporate and real estate purchasing, leasing and financing.

    Suzanne R. Varco is the managing partner of Varco & Rosenbaum Environmental Law Group LLP in San Diego. Ms. Varco’s private law practice concentrates in areas of brownfields’ redevelopment, hazardous waste cleanup, environmental, real estate transactions involving environmental issues, environmental permitting, underground storage tank issues, CEQA compliance and litigation, and environmental litigation. Ms. Varco has extensive experience working with local, state and federal regulatory agencies.


    $40 for members, $50 for non-members.  Sign up by Friday, February 7 and save $5 on registration!  Walk-ins with no reservation will be charged an extra $10 and be asked to wait until those with reservations are seated.

    Please note that confirmed reservations will be invoiced regardless of attendance.

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    AVOCADO CHICKEN SANDWICH - Grilled chicken with avocado, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato + ranch dressing. Served with Santa Fe fries.

    FISH & CHIPS - Kolsch-battered cod, Santa Fe fries, apple coleslaw, housemade Cajun remoulade.

    VEGGIE BURGER (vegetarian) - Beans + veggies, lettuce, tomato, red onion, chipotle mayo. Served with fries.


    Rock Bottom Brewery
    8980 Villa La Jolla Drive
    La Jolla, CA 92037 


    Directions from the North: Take I-5 or I-805 S to La Jolla Village Dr. Turn right off the freeway onto La Jolla Village Dr. Make your first left on Villa La Jolla Dr. Turn right into Rock Bottom parking lot.

    Directions from the South: Take I-5 or I-805 N to La Jolla Village Dr. Turn left off the freeway onto La Jolla Village Dr. Turn left on Villa La Jolla Dr. Turn right into Rock Bottom parking lot.

    Job Postings:

    Did you know that the SDEP has a job board? Members and non-members can post job opportunities for their company on our website.  Visit for postings, and contact us directly to add opportunities:  

    Sean Leffler -

Past events

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10 Dec 2019 2019 SDEP Holiday Happy Hour
12 Nov 2019 SDEP November Luncheon - Navy Environmental Program Update FY 2020
08 Oct 2019 SDEP October Luncheon - City of San Diego Climate Action Plan Update
10 Sep 2019 SDEP September Luncheon - Effective & Sustainable PFAS Removal
13 Aug 2019 2019 SDEP Summer Social
09 Jul 2019 SDEP July Luncheon - Reterro’s Evaporative Desorption Technology (EDT)
11 Jun 2019 SDEP June Field Trip - SDG&E BESS Facility Tour
14 May 2019 SDEP May Luncheon - SDSU Mission Valley West Expansion
11 Apr 2019 SDEP April Field Trip - San Diego International Airport
12 Mar 2019 SDEP March Luncheon - Hot topics in Ecology and Renewable Energy in San Diego
12 Feb 2019 *PRESENTATIONS AVAILABLE* SDEP February Luncheon - Legislative Update
11 Dec 2018 2018 SDEP Holiday Happy Hour
13 Nov 2018 SDEP November Luncheon - San Diego International Airport Development Plan Update
30 Oct 2018 SAM FORUM 2018
09 Oct 2018 SDEP October Luncheon - Cannabis Cultivation Regulatory Program
11 Sep 2018 SDEP September Luncheon - Providing a Reliable Water Supply in Times of Uncertainty
16 Aug 2018 2018 SDEP Summer Social
10 Jul 2018 SDEP July Luncheon - Port of San Diego: A Perspective on the Science and Management of the Tidelands
08 May 2018 SDEP May Luncheon - Dealing with Plastics in our Ocean Waters
17 Apr 2018 SDEP April Luncheon - 2018 Regional Water Quality Control Board Update
13 Feb 2018 SDEP February Luncheon - Legislative Update
09 Jan 2018 SDEP January Luncheon - EBJ Environmental Market Outlook 2018
12 Dec 2017 2017 SDEP Holiday Happy Hour
14 Nov 2017 SDEP November Luncheon - Turning a scarce resource into a binational nuisance: Tijuana’s water infrastructure
10 Oct 2017 SDEP October Field Trip - San Onofre
12 Sep 2017 SDEP September Luncheon - A New Floating Dry Dock for San Diego Bay
15 Aug 2017 2017 SDEP Summer Social
11 Jul 2017 SDEP July Luncheon - Remediation at Former Bermite Facility in Santa Clarita
13 Jun 2017 SDEP June Luncheon - Why Temp Monitoring Works!
02 May 2017 SDEP May Luncheon - NAVFAC Southwest Installation Restoration and Munitions Response Programs Update
11 Apr 2017 SDEP April Luncheon - Industrial Stormwater Panel
14 Mar 2017 SDEP March Luncheon - DEH: Protecting Public Health and the Environment One Inspection at a Time
14 Feb 2017 SDEP February Luncheon - Legislative Update
10 Jan 2017 SDEP January Luncheon - The Analysis of Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS) including PFOS and PFOA
13 Dec 2016 2016 SDEP Holiday Happy Hour
08 Nov 2016 SDEP November Luncheon - Understanding & Managing Environmental Risk
11 Oct 2016 SDEP October Luncheon - Fighting Fire with Fire: Hexavalent Chromium Remediation using Hydrogen Sulfide Gas
23 Aug 2016 2016 SDEP Summer Social
12 Jul 2016 SDEP July Luncheon - The San Diego Bay Regional Harbor Monitoring Program
14 Jun 2016 SDEP June Luncheon - Grant Ferrier - Environmental Market Outlook 2016/2017
10 May 2016 SDEP May Luncheon - San Onofre Spent Nuclear Fuel as a source of Safe Green Energy
12 Apr 2016 SDEP April Luncheon - Compliance with the Industrial General Permit (IGP) from an Environmental Group Perspective
08 Mar 2016 SDEP March Luncheon - Regional Water Quality Control Board Update
09 Feb 2016 SDEP February Luncheon - 2016 Legislative Update
12 Jan 2016 SDEP January Luncheon - Existing and New Responsibilities for Managing Groundwater Use in San Diego County
08 Dec 2015 2015 SDEP Holiday Happy Hour
10 Nov 2015 SDEP November Monthly Meeting
20 Oct 2015 **LAST CALL** SDEP October Field Trip Luncheon
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